Supacat and Navistar Defense [NAV] yesterday said they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a team to deliver collaborative future support to the U.K. Ministry of Defense’s protected mobility fleet.

At the MoD Defense Vehicle Dynamics  (DVD) 2013 vehicle show, the companies said partnering allows the two support service suppliers to integrate their existing Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) based support structures to improve combined capabilities on offers as vehicles are brought back from Afghanistan into the Army 2020 core fleet.

This alliance allows the two OEMs to start preparing for a “Strategic Support Supplier,” (SSS) type support arrangement to enable the U.K. MoD to adopt industry-led solutions for managing fleet support and achieving efficiencies.  

“We see this proactive step as a means to deliver cross platform efficiencies required by the MoD, while providing flexibility by putting the vehicle OEMs in the driver’s seat,” said Nick Ames, managing director, Supacat. “In addition, the alliance offers the U.K. MoD an early opportunity to further inform the Strategic Support Supplier concept.”   

Supacat and Navistar will take advantage of the geographical spread of their combined facilities to evolve the integrated joint support solution–delivering efficiencies to the U.K. MoD across both companies’ vehicle platforms. 

“We feel this MOU will lead to strong foundations for a relationship enabling us to offer strong, flexible and comprehensive service to the MoD,” said Robert Ward, regional manager, Navistar. “We look forward to working with the MoD and preparing for SSS arrangements to meet their needs.”

Jackal 2                         Photo: Supacat

The U.K. MoD recently confirmed Supacat’s Jackal and Coyote platforms and Navistar’s MXT™ “Husky” will be brought into the core fleet to form part of the British Armed Force’s equipment plan for the next 10-15 years. Under the MoU, Supacat and Navistar would have the capability to cover nearly 1,000 total vehicles in service delivered under numerous UORs to the U.K. MoD through the U.K. Defense Equipment and Support’s (DE&S) Protected Mobility Team (PMT).   

The U.K. MoD has purchased over 600 Jackal and Coyote vehicles based upon Supacat’s HMT vehicle and 300 Husky vehicles based on Navistar’s MXT platform. The Coyote and Husky variants were procured as part of the Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV) program with Coyote fulfilling the light role (TSV(L)) and Husky, the medium (TSV(M)).

Supacat currently supports over 800 vehicles, more than 100 of which are internationally operated. It has a full Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) capability including design, integration, technical publications and trials conducted at an in-house test track. The company also has a strong engineering team of more than 30 members, as well as workshops and staff equipped for repair and overhaul. 

Navistar Defense operates in the United Kingdom, United States and Afghanistan to support the MoD’s Husky fleet.  As a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest truck manufacturers, Navistar’s U.K. team is supported by extensive engineering, ILS and commercial resources. Navistar U.K. is based at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, where it has full access to the resources and facilities available including test tracks.