Standoff Land-Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) Ma…

Standoff Land-Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER)


Boeing [BA] developed the SLAM (AGM-84E) and SLAM-ER (AGM-84H) surface strike weapons, which are derived from the AGM-84A Harpoon anti-ship missile originally developed by McDonnell Douglas.


SLAM-ER is a combat-tested precision strike missile for use against ships, structures, hardened targets and bunkers at ranges beyond 135 nautical miles. SLAM-ER carries a 500-pound titanium blast-fragmentation warhead. The missileís guidance system includes an infrared seeker, a jam-resistant multi-channel Global Positioning System receiver and a ring laser gyro. Terminal guidance includes an electro-optical sensor with datalink and pilot interface to a stop motion aimpoint update capability that freezes a targetís image display allowing the pilot to select and guide the missile to a specific aimpoint.

Combat Use:

Both the SLAM and SLAM-ER have been used in combat, deployed from the Navyís Boeing F/A-18-series fighters and other attack aircraft. SLAM was used against Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm and during operations over the Balkans.

Foreign Users:

In June 2002 South Korea signed with the U.S. government a letter of offer and acceptance for SLAM-ER missiles, to be used aboard Koreaís Boeing F-15K fighter aircraft.


The Navy is building an inventory of more than 500 SLAM-ER missiles, with 120 new missiles ordered in December 2002. In May 2000 the Navy and DoD approved SLAM-ER for full-rate production. In September 2002 the Navy completed operational evaluation of an automatic target acquisition capability upgrade for SLAM-ER, making this the first missile in DoDís arsenal with the ability to use intelligence imagery loaded before aircraft launch which, when compared to actual scene data, help to automatically determine aimpoints. The Navy desired ATA capability to enhance the SLAM-ERís performance in complex cluttered urban environments. The Navy is to back-fit earlier SLAM-ER units with ATA capability and in December 2002 approved the upgrade for fleet use. SLAM-ER is in production with Boeing Integrated Missiles Systems and 27 sub-component suppliers in 22 states.