Launch and space systems company Rocket Lab established a Responsive Space Program on Thursday that will open a direct line of communication with satellite operators to understand their mission requirements and then develop customized responsive mission plans that could be executed within a day of a satellite arriving at a launch site.

The program, which will be lead by the company’s U.S. division Rocket Lab USA, aims to on-ramp commercial and government satellite operators to the its 24/7 rapid call-up launch capability and streamlined satellite build and operation options.

Due to its vertically integrated launch and manufacturing operations and immediate access to three launch sites, Rocket Lab claims the Responsive Space Program program will allow it to integrate, encapsulate, and launch satellites in as little as 24 hours from first arrival at a launch site.

“We recognize our customers need a reliable, responsive launch service and dependable satellite solutions that can promptly and accurately restore or establish assets on orbit, so we’ve made that possible with Electron and Rocket Lab designed and built satellites, including Photon,” said Rocket Lab founder and CEO, Peter Beck.

Rocket Lab operates three launch pads spread between two launch sites. Rocket Lab’s Southern Hemisphere Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand has two launch pads. The third is located at its Northern Hemisphere Launch Complex 2 in Wallops, Virginia. The company can send satellites to a range of orbits between 37 to 100 degrees.