Raytheon Co. [RTN] has brought Northrop Grumman Corp. [NOC] into its team for the Army Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) program.

Northrop joins others in the IBCS team including Raytheon, General Dynamics Corp. [GD], Teledyne Brown Engineering, Davidson Technologies, IBM, and Carlson Technologies, as well as academia partners.

Northrop brings expertise in evaluating warfighter benefits of space-based data to the IBCS architecture. The Northrop Grumman Space & ISR Systems Division performs work at Buckley and Schriever Air Force Bases elsewhere in Colorado.

IBCS is an Army and joint development program with a modular, open architecture, system-of-systems construct allowing air and missile defense warfighters to use any sensor and any shooter within an integrated fire control network. Raytheon won the first stage of a competitive, multi-phase Army award for IBCS in late September.

Air and Missile Defense systems included in the IBCS program architecture are weapon and sensor systems already developed-produced by Raytheon, including the Patriot air and missile defense system; JLENS (Joint Land-Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System); SLAMRAAM (Surface-Launched Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Missile); the Sentinel Radar; and the THAAD (Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense) radar.

A preliminary design review for IBCS is scheduled for this month, and a single award for phase two of the program is expected in late August.