The Best Drone Radar is DJI Aeroscope; Elite Consulting Explains Why

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ROME, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DJI, the world leader in civilian drones and high-tech aerial imaging solutions, has been offering high-security solutions for government agencies who wish to use drones in their operations.

Elite Consulting has been working with DJI since 2008, as a consultant in public security, government, infrastructure and construction, energy and agriculture, but also selling drones and high-tech products. Elite Consulting works alongside the client to find the best drone-based solution to their problems.

Elite Consulting has collaborated with many European airports to install Aeroscope, the DJI system for identifying and monitoring drones in the airspace. As the popularity of consumer drones rises, there has been a parallel increase in challenges to guarantee safety in high-risk areas such as airports, prisons, energy plants and closed military areas. Traditional protection systems are no longer sufficient to identify and monitor UAVs and possible incidents.

Recent years have seen several cases of airports having to momentarily suspend flights because of drones flying in the protected airspace. It is paramount that airports start to invest in high-tech solutions to prevent these kinds of incidents.

AeroScope is an innovative and comprehensive platform for the identification of drones. It collects data relative to flight such as trajectory and relative to the pilot position, enabling operators to intervene instantly in case of danger.

The AeroScope Stationary Unit is the ideal solution for the protection of large-scale sites. The system can be customized depending on user demands in order to completely cover the surrounding airspace. It can monitor an area of up to 50km and obtain information regarding drones within a few seconds.

The AeroScope Portable Unit is designed for temporary events, mobile deployments and similar situations. Users can easily operate in a new or mobile location thanks to the single carrying case of the unit. This is the ideal solution for emergencies and wherever stationary units are not available or cannot be installed.

The system can be integrated with existing security systems in order to provide a seamless user experience and have all data gathered in one place: the Aeroscope Backstage Management System. This platform provides central monitoring, command and investigation tools, and is able to integrate data collected from previous flights for in-depth analysis.

Elite Consulting has, in fact, supported many airports in installing Aeroscope to monitor from a single platform the traffic of commercial airplanes and that of drones.

AeroScope is not only for airports. Elite Consulting has worked with many VIPs to guarantee the safety and privacy of their homes. The installation of AeroScope and its integration with the smartphone app (iOS and Android) allows users to receive push notifications in real-time should there be any security breaches.

The DJI AeroScope represents an excellent ally in guaranteeing security in private and public situations. Elite Consulting combines the precision of the DJI technology with the best client service in order to provide a highly customizable solution.

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DJI Aeroscope
DJI Aeroscope is a radar to detect drones

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