Avianca Airlines Selects PASSUR Aerospace to Enhance Network Operational Excellence, with a Focus on El Dorado Hub

Supporting core elements of the “Avianca 2021 transformation Strategy”

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STAMFORD, Conn., Oct. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PASSUR® Aerospace, Inc. (OTC: PSSR), a global leader in digital operational excellence, announced that it has contracted with Avianca Airlines to assist the airline with its “Avianca 2021 Transformation Strategy.” PASSUR will initially focus on enhancing efficient and optimal traffic flow management, both on the airport surface and in the airspace. PASSUR’s work supports one of the fundamental pillars of the transformation strategy – operational efficiency, including improving operational indicators like on-time performance, with a strong focus on the critically important El Dorado Airport operation.

PASSUR subject matter experts from the company’s Business Intelligence and Solution Architect teams will: (1) Assess constraints, inefficiencies, and challenges in the current Traffic Flow Management environment, and in related operational areas; (2) identify opportunities to realize early improvements; (3) identify opportunities where digital technology can be used to achieve objectives like on-time performance, asset/aircraft utilization, capacity growth, hub optimization, completion factor, and disruption mitigation/recovery.

“We are focused on our transformation strategy; on being competitive and profitable while we strengthen service standards; and on operational optimization, beginning with the El Dorado Hub operation,” said Anko van der Werff, Avianca Holdings’ CEO and President. “PASSUR comes to us as with a strong track record in the industry for improving airline performance by understanding how to optimize and harmonize the interplay between airline, airport, and air traffic control factors.”

PASSUR was engaged by Avianca under the umbrella of a larger portfolio of services being provided to the airline by Accenture, and its wholly owned subsidiary Seabury Consulting. “PASSUR provides a highly complementary capability to the portfolio of services we are providing Avianca, supporting our delivery of dedicated professional services and rapid, agile introduction of innovative solutions for our client,” said John Luth, Chairman & CEO, Seabury Consulting & Corporate Advisory (now owned by Accenture).

The PASSUR services portfolio selected by Avianca includes core competencies in:

  • Airline operations performance analysis
  • Air traffic management concepts of operation and best practices
  • Airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM)
  • Airport and airspace simulation and modeling
  • Operational base-lining and outcomes measurement

PASSUR’s professional services capabilities, combined with the PASSUR technology platform Ariva™, help customers optimize their operations across all internal stakeholders, while supporting collaboration between airlines, airports, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), and other aviation stakeholders to drive greater efficiencies through information exchange and shared workflow. Operational metrics directly impacted include on-time performance (OTP), customer satisfaction, aircraft/gate utilization and schedule/block performance, among others.

“We are looking forward to working with Avianca to rapidly achieve several of the airline’s important objectives,” said Jim Barry, PASSUR President and CEO. “In combination with Accenture/Seabury, we are bringing a highly differentiated capability to help airlines grow profitably by extracting the greatest efficiencies from existing capacity and infrastructure.”

About PASSUR® Aerospace, Inc.

PASSUR Aerospace (OTC: PSSR) provides a complete set of integrated, collaborative tools to allow airlines, airports, and air navigation service providers to better predict, prioritize, prevent, and recover from inevitable unexpected disruptions. These disruptions have long been seen as the cost of doing business in the industry, which PASSUR has proven can be mitigated, in part, through the integrated use of our software.

As such, we provide digital solutions to the global travel industry and help customers improve punctuality, optimize turn times and gate utilization, ensure schedule integrity (e.g., passenger connections), improve block-time performance, and reduce fuel burn/emissions.

PASSUR provides its solutions to the largest airlines and airports in the US. Currently over 60% of all flights in the US are, in some form, managed by the PASSUR software. Additionally, PASSUR provides its proven, established capabilities to the global airline and airport industry, with solutions now implemented in Canada, Europe, and Latin America. The global market presents an opportunity to network more customers in a broader market.

All PASSUR solutions are being consolidated onto PASSUR’s Ariva platform, which will provide a single, common operating platform for customers to optimize their operations. Supporting these capabilities is PASSUR’s flight, constraint, and capacity prediction technology, which is based on years of data and machine learning. PASSUR brings the most relevant experience to the global aviation industry and combines deep domain expertise with Ariva’s digital automation solutions.

Ariva is uniquely positioned to offer solutions to the major issues facing the global industry, including helping to alleviate congestion and lack of airspace/runway capacity. Our mission is to provide digital solutions to help meet the demand for increased global air travel through the busiest airports and airspaces, allowing for sustainable and efficient travel.

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