Providing Information & Communications Technology, Anywhere

Delivering mission-critical communications across the globe requires a proven partner capable of securing your data and ensuring resiliency with a robust, “no-fail” information and communication technology (ICT) ecosystem. As the top satellite communications integrator for the federal government, Leonardo DRS remains the leader for premier ICT solutions. Leonardo DRS has built a legacy with its extensive Global Communications Network (GCN) and its experience efficiently delivering SATCOM solutions, and will continue to meet future demands with its complete end-to-end ICT solutions.

The business focuses on three principles for customer success, reliability, resiliency, and security. Leonardo DRS customers can increase their mission focus because they are provided with reliable ICT solutions that are turn-key, state-of-the-art and consistently deliver optimal levels of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. By using a holistic and vendor-agnostic approach to integrating the ICT Ecosystem, Leonardo DRS designs redundancies and diversity into each ICT solution to offer its customers the fundamental advantage of a resilient infrastructure that increases mission assurance. Leonardo DRS also provides the security required by government and military customers so they can perform their missions confidently with strong security built into their communications networks.

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