Oshkosh Corp.’s [OSH] Defense unit last week revealed its Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) utility variant for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) program.

The L-ATV utility variant fills the JLTV requirement for a two-seat cargo vehicle, while the L-ATV base variant meets the requirement for a 4-seat multipurpose vehicle.

Both Oshkosh L-ATV variants leverage a common crew protection system, advanced automotive systems, and the patented Oshkosh TAK-4i™ intelligent independent suspension system to deliver unprecedented levels of protection and off-road performance in a light vehicle.

The Oshkosh L-ATV utility variant is designed to provide mobility for loads such as containers, pallets and break bulk cargo in a wide range of operating environments and threat levels.

In addition to hauling cargo, the L-ATV utility variant can be outfitted as a shelter carrier to carry standard shelters for communications systems, on-board electronics and other functions.

The vehicle can transport two passengers and has a payload capacity of more than 5,100 pounds. 

The L-ATV utility vehicle’s performance was demonstrated at the 2013 Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) Technology Rodeo, which took place Feb. 6 near Carson City, Nev.

“The landscapes and threats of tomorrow’s battlefields are unpredictable, and state-of-the-art equipment will be absolutely necessary to protecting lives and completing missions,” said John Bryant, vice president and general manager of Joint and Marine Corps Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “The Oshkosh L-ATV utility variant is the most technologically advanced, most mature JLTV solution for Warfighters to complete transport missions on those battlefields.”

Oshkosh engineered the L-ATV with a high level of commonality to streamline fleet sustainment, yet each variant is tailored to optimize performance for its unique role.

Oshkosh successfully completed its JLTV design understanding review with the government and is on schedule to deliver 22 JLTV prototypes this summer under the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract (Defense Daily, Jan. 18).

Oshkosh, Lockheed Martin [LMT] and AM General are competing on the JLTV program.

The company began production of its JLTV offering shortly after receiving the contract and is using LEAN processes, a rigorous quality-assurance system and an efficient supply chain to deliver high-quality and affordable L-ATVs that meet or exceed JLTV requirements.