Avinor Air Navigation Services (ANS), Norway’s air navigation service provider, selected Saab AB to deploy a multilateration technology for air traffic surveillance coverage across the whole country, Saab said Tuesday.

Avinor’s NORWAM (Norway Wide Area Multilateration) system is planned to provide air traffic surveillance data to the advanced surveillance data system (ARTAS) tracker through a constellation of sensors placed throughout the country, Saab said.


NORWAM is set to replace several existing radars which have reached their end-of-life dates. The new system surveillance data will be fully compliant with all applicable standards in airspace types including Enroute, TMA, CTR, and surface coverage volumes, the company said.

The first phase of the project will implement WAM coverage for TMAs and CTRs in three regions of Norway. Avinor plans to expand that coverage across the entire country in the coming years, Saab said,

“We are pleased to have signed this contract with Saab. Saab’s technology will help us to provide the best possible service to our customers in the coming years, at a lower cost than traditional radar,” Anders Kirsebom, managing director of Avinor ANS, said in a statement.

“WAM will improve coverage, accuracy and redundancy over traditional radar at a lower initial and life cycle cost. Saab’s multilateration sensor is a rugged, reliable solution that meets the performance requirements for this difficult operating area,” Anders Carp, head of Traffic Management at Saab, added.

Saab highlighted its multilateration system is operational at almost 80 sites around the world. Operational WAM systems were previously deployed to Sweden, Austria, Australia, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States.