Northrop Grumman [NOC] yesterday said the Army has awarded it a three-year, $9.2 million contract to supply Hand Held Precision Targeting Devices (HHPTDs).

The HHPTD is an advanced targeting system weighing less than 5.5 pounds and providing a greater degree of precision than previous systems. For the accurate information needed on the modern battlefield, the device incorporates a celestial navigation module.

Devices such as the HHPTD allow forces on the ground to relay accurate targeting data to aircraft and command centers.

“With the Hand Held Precision Targeting Device, we have used the experience we gained from the production of the Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinder IIH to create a smaller, more lightweight targeting system,” said Gordon Stewart, vice president and general manager of the laser systems business unit. “The HHPTD puts the targeting accuracy needed for today’s precision GPS munitions in the hands of the warfighter.”