The U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) and Southern Commands (SOUTHCOM) plan to help allied partners in the Western Hemisphere with their cyber security posture through a new training services contract, according to a government notice.

The Air Force on June 8 issued a Sources Sought notice for the NORTHCOM Western Hemispheric Cybersecurity Training Environment as part of its planning to develop an acquisition strategy for the project, which will include allied partners of NORTHCOM and SOUTCOM.iStock Cyber Lock

The Air Force plans to award a potential two-year contract this September for the training environment services.

The Air Force says the training will provide allied partners “with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to defend network infrastructure, detect cyber intrusions, identify hacker techniques, counter cyber-attacks, and if an attack is detected, react quickly and effectively performing computer forensics for investigation and analysis.”

The notice also says “The Western Hemispheric Cybersecurity Training Environment will replicate complex, large-scale, heterogeneous networks and users in current and future partner nation systems and operations and conduct unbiased, quantitative and qualitative assessment of information assurance and survivability.”

A Request for Proposal is forthcoming.