NEC Corporation has completed an agreement to acquire the Brazilian-based IT security company Arcon Informatica S.A., NEC said August 19.

Arcon was established in 1995 and operated cybersecurity consulting and managed security services with customers in the energy, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and government agency sectors.

NEC said that although Brazilian economic growth has slowed significantly in recent years given economic and financial problems in the country, the IT market continues to gradually grow. The company said it expects the IT security market in Brazil to grow especially fast in the next few years.

NEC has had a local affiliate in Brazil since 1968 and provides services including the provision of technologies and services to support telecommunications, broadcasting, and essential infrastructure. Lately the company has been solidifying its safety business, which includes leveraging biometrics authentication technologies and comprehensive infrastructure for large-scale facilities like stadiums and airports.

“The acquisition of Arcon enables us to mutually capitalize on their leading technologies, know-how, and customer base in order to drive the expansion of the Cyber Security field in Brazil. Moreover, we aim to proactively create synergies between our companies that provide even greater value for our new, existing and future clients,” Daniel Mirabile, president of NEC in Brazil, said in a statement.