ManTech [MANT] said Wednesday the Army has selected the company to continue supporting prototype development for the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) program, with the latest work covering cyber training event control capabilities.

Under the deal, officially awarded in February, ManTech will participate in the third PCTE “Cyber Innovation Challenge” along with technology companies Metova and Simspace.

“ManTech is providing training assessment and [opposition force] planning & execution capability for the whitecell function as users train on the PCTE platform,” Jim Crawford, a ManTech spokesman, told

Defense Daily.

The company has participated in the previous two PCTE Cyber Innovation Challenges, with the earlier work focused on developing the platform’s infrastructure and learning management system.

The Army awarded the first PCTE prototype development contracts last June, which included ManTech’s work providing planned network, schedule training and deployment environment capabilities (Defense Daily, June 19 2018).

For Cyber Innovation Challenge #3, ManTech has partnered with technology companies Aptime, Scythe and Ultimate Knowledge Institute.

“This strategic win positions ManTech as the leading contender to provide hands-on cyber training for the U.S. Army’s next generation warfighters,” Kevin Phillips, CEO of ManTech, said in a statement. “Together with our partners, ManTech is bringing digital to the mission in vital ways that will sharpen skills at the tactical edge of cyber combat.”