The House Armed Services Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee wants to authorize the Air Force to procure two F-15EX aircraft for prototype development in fiscal year 2020, but prohibit any additional aircraft buys until a program report is submitted to Congress.

The HASC subcommittee’s markup summary of the FY ’20 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), released June 3, requires the secretary of defense to designate the F-15EX program as a “major subprogram” that would subject it to relevant reporting requirements.

Boeing’s Advanced F-15EX aircraft. Photo: Boeing

Lawmakers plan to authorize two Boeing [BA]-made F-15EX aircraft, but then hold off on buying any additional aircraft until 30 days after the Air Force secretary submits program plans for the development, acquisition and fielding to the congressional defense committees.

Committee staff members declined to say Monday whether the subcommittee would authorize the Air Force’s full request for eight F-15EX aircraft pending the report’s submission, telling Capitol Hill reporters that further budgeting information would be included in the bill’s full language, expected to be released next week. Staffers also declined to provide funding details for any of the bill’s provisions.

The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC)’s FY’20 NDAA markup executive summary authorized $948 million for the eight requested F-15EX platforms, while the House Appropriations Committee’s defense appropriations budget passed May 21 includes $985.5 million for the same amount of aircraft. (Defense Daily, May 20.) The Air Force originally requested $1.05 billion in FY ’20 for the eight F-15EX platforms.

The HASC Tactical Air and Land Subcommittee will consider the FY’20 NDAA mark June 4. Full committee markup is scheduled for June 12.