GKN Aerospace Monday said it delivered the first two fuel systems for the U.K.’s Specialist Vehicle (SV) program to equip the PMRS (protected mobility reconnaissance and support) infantry carrier variant and the repair variant of the vehicle.

PMRS Image: General Dynamics UK
Image: General Dynamics UK

The PMRS variant system has also been fitted to the vehicle hull for system integration and to support growth reliability trials.

GKN Aerospace has been contracted by General Dynamics European Land Systems, Madrid [GD] to develop this advanced fuel storage system–with each system comprising four fuel tanks and all the associated fuel components and equipment.

GKN Aerospace is also responsible for the development, qualification, trials and certification of the systems for all six prototype SV’s.

The GKN Aerospace design comprises a lightweight, advanced fuel filling and storage system with the ability to refuel the vehicle from a wide range of both pressure and gravity fuel supplies. This unique capability means the SV can be refueled from any source–from a jerry can to an airport fuel tanker–shortening critical refueling times and increasing vehicle availability for military operations.

The SV main system fuel tanks are equipped with the latest explosion suppression technology whilst the ballistically-protected external auxiliary fuel tank incorporates GKN Aerospace’s self-seal technology, enabling the tank to heal itself after damage from small arms fire. The system meets the latest warfare requirements for survivability in today’s operational environment. It is fully qualified to Def-Stan 00-35, the standard which defines the U.K. MoD requirement for the climatic, environmental, biological and mechanical performance of their equipment. Current European road legislation is also covered, which will allow the SVs to be driven on civilian roads.

Neil McManus, CEO, GKN Aerospace Europe and Special Products said: “This is an important milestone for us. Our engineers have successfully validated the GKN Aerospace design and delivered high performance fuel systems that combine existing, proven technology with advanced materials and state of the art components to extend the operational performance of a vehicle that is at the core of the British army’s land fire power this century. Designed and manufactured entirely in the U.K., the fuel system incorporates proven explosion suppression and self-seal technologies and will give the SV the fastest and most versatile fuel/de-fuel capability of any armored fighting vehicle today.”