General Dynamics [GD] UK displayed the latest rapid improvements it can deliver to soldiers in response to the urgent operational requirements (UOR) of British forces at a British Army demonstration Sept. 17-18.

“General Dynamics UK has a strong pedigree responding to the changing needs of the soldiers, working with other defense companies and the Ministry of Defence to bring together the best in technology and knowledge,” Sandy Wilson, GD UK president and managing director, said in a statement. “This event allows us to demonstrate a variety of our UOR capabilities, which include the full range of Armored Fighting Vehicle integration and support through life, as well as integrating the most complex communications and data systems for the armed forces and security services.”

General Dynamics UK has selected examples of its capabilities across the UOR process, from identifying a problem to delivering the solutions it develops to the soldiers on operations.

GDUK has a unique capability in military vehicle integration, most recently successfully digitizing more than 12,500 Armoured Fighting Vehicles across the entire range of the current British fleet, from main battle tanks to Land Rovers. The company is also developing electronic architectures that will allow military crews to fight and maintain the vehicles of the future.

Additionally, GDUK can provide fully integrated, proven electronic architectures that are scalable for different operational roles and vehicle types. This technology integrates key vehicle and mission systems that allow crews to communicate, and keep the vehicle well protected and performing effectively.

GDUK vehicle capabilities to be displayed include: An electronic architecture for the Army’s future Operational Utility Vehicle System. The open, scalable architecture allows soldiers to plug-and-play new systems to adapt quickly to new roles for their vehicle and unit. This will be shown in the new Ridgback 4×4 protected vehicle, developed and integrated by GDUK, which also is a key player in integrating the M-WMIK Jackal and Support Vehicle for rapid delivery to soldiers in Afghanistan.

Also Urban ISTAR Masthead technology will be demonstrated. It allows military and security services to identify threats, rehearse virtual operations, and see inside buildings in a built-up area.

Sensor technology deployed in special self-contained shelters with generators and technology to provide greater protection for soldiers in forward operating bases by giving them constant awareness of movement and threats in their area. General Dynamics UK provides easily deployable facilities in standard-sized shipping containers that can be delivered by road or air.

GDUK working with other industry players and members of the Force Protection and Mission Systems Working Group, including Lockheed Martin [LMT], Selex, Thales and Echostorm, will offer a demonstration that explores new end-to-end situational awareness services such as imagery and video across Bowman, the U.K. tactical communication system. Flexible HQ Bowman installations and enhanced capabilities for the High Capacity Data Radio. Bowman is the new tactical communications system delivering vital capabilities to the U,K,’s forces in hostile and challenging environments, giving them secure voice communications, situational awareness and a tactical internet.

Bowman will be linked across the event’s demonstrations. On display will be new technology that enhances its deployability in headquarters, in partnership with AgustaWestland, and enhanced data capabilities, in conjunction with ITT [ITT].