Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has awarded General Dynamics [GD] a potential 10-year, $96.4 million contract to provide day and nighttime cameras for use along portions of the nation’s southwest border in Arizona and Texas.

The Remote Video Surveillance Program (RVSS) is just one component of more wide-ranging border security technology plan that arose in the wake the terminated Secure Border Initiative Network (SBInet), which consisted of cameras and radars mounted on towers for integration into common operating pictures at various Border Patrol stations along the southwest border.

CBP is conducting a separate competition for what is essentially the same system that was developed and delivered by Boeing [BA] for SBInet. The new system is called Integrated Fixed Tower. In addition to IFT and RVSS, the new border technology plan includes mobile surveillance systems, man-portable surveillance systems, and other sensors and communications technology to help staunch the flow of illegal immigration into the United States by giving the Border Patrol more situational awareness.

SBInet is operational in two areas of Arizona’s border with Mexico, Tucson and Ajo.

Customs and Border Protection did not respond to a query for additional information about the RVSS program. Boeing has installed RVSS systems in two locations along the Northern Border, in Michigan and New York.

The existing RVSS systems and plans for the new and upgraded systems to be provided by GD’s C4 Systems business are expected to be installed on poles, towers and even existing structures such as buildings.

The RVSS can be remotely controlled for monitoring within an Area of Responsibility for day and night operations. The sensor images are transmitted to Border Patrol Stations for display and monitoring by Border Patrol agents who can also control the sensors.

According to CBP’s Request for Proposal for RVSS, the base contract is for an initial site upgrade in Arizona. If successful, CBP can exercise options for additional installations in Arizona and Texas.