Airbus Helicopters’ H225M. (A. Pecchi/Airbus Helicopters)

The French Air Force has ordered an additional heavy twin Airbus H225M helicopter to add to its existing fleet of 10. It will be delivered in a configuration that allows interoperability with the rest of the fleet, Airbus Helicopters said, and will be capable of in-flight refueling.

The aircraft will be based in Cazaux and used for special forces and search-and-rescue missions.

“The H225M is a real military asset thanks to its versatility and its excellent range,” said Alexandra Cros, vice president and head of governmental affairs France for Airbus Helicopters. “Operational from ships and land with an all-weather capability and takeoff in less than five minutes, it’s always ready for assignment,” she added.

More than 180 H225M rotorcraft have been ordered, with recent customers including Kuwait, Singapore, Hungary and Indonesia.