The first pre-production prototype of the Scout specialist vehicle being developed by General Dynamics UK [GD] is in the limelight at the U.K.’s largest military vehicle exhibition, Defense Vehicle Dynamics (DVD), at Millbrook Proving Ground, through June 26.

The Ministry of Defense’s equipment and support organization, Army and industry are showcasing the vehicles the military uses from the heavily armored Mastiff and agile Foxhound to the Scout SV prototype.

The Scout SV is the U.K.’s first fully digitized tracked armored vehicle, which is displayed to demonstrate how technology and capability requirements are evolving to meet the needs of Future Force 2020.

Minister for Defense Equipment, Support and Technology Philip Dunne said: “Operations over the last decade have demanded that our vehicles were created or adapted to suit the challenges our armed forces faced in two very different campaigns. As we move to an age of contingency, DVD provides a glimpse as to how we are preparing to meet the needs of Future Force 2020.” 

DVD highlights the innovative technology that industry has developed to enable the armed forces to deliver the capability required on operations, Dunne said. “World-class technology that is made in Britain and that I want to support British industry to export worldwide.”