The University of California submitted its best and final offer to manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory for the next decade, a spokesperson for the institution said Friday.

“It’s my understanding that all teams have submitted their final bids at this time,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to sister publication Weapons Complex Morning Briefing.

The University of California managed the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) solo for most of the nuclear-weapon lab’s 70-plus years until 2006, when it became the lead partner on privately operated lab-prime Los Alamos National Security. The incumbent also features senior industry partner Bechtel National and industry teammates AECOM [ACM] and BWX Technologies [BWXT].

The University of California and University of Texas have confirmed they are leading separate bids for a LANL management contract worth more than $20 billion in revenue over 10 years, including options. The winner could take home up to $50 million in annual lab-management fees.

Bechtel National and Purdue University have also partnered on a bid: something the Indiana university only confirmed this month.

Texas A&M University and BWX Technologies have said they are seeking a role on the next LANL management team. AECOM is not seeking a role, a source has said.

If all the prospective bidders have submitted their final offers, that keeps the Department of Energy on track to award a contract this month or in May, as the agency said it would last year when it put the contract on the street.

Los Alamos National Security’s contract is set to expire Sept. 30.