The Defense Department awarded Enlighten IT Consulting, Inc. a $40 million task order against a GSA schedule for continued development of the Big Data Platform (BDP), the company said Tuesday.

The BPD is a cloud-based architecture with streaming ingest capabilities and provides storage and retrieval rates in the trillions of records per second. The platform ingests and stores data derived from several DoD sensors to support analytics that protect and defend the Department of Defense Information Networks (DoDIN).

The company’s team is tasked with maintaining the integrity of the BDP secured and accredited model; upholding the required interoperability with other DoD systems and infrastructures; and continuing to accelerate the pace at which the platform and its associated analytics are developed, share, and deployed into production environments.

The company said under this task order it will build on and improve the methods used to infuse new technologies into the platform as well as facilitate the contribution of new capabilities and analytics by the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) mission partners to assist the entire DoD community.

DISA recently announced an upgrade to BDP as part of its evolution to allow faster identification of cyber threats by increasing access to ad-hoc query capabilities, Enlighten IT said.