The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Tuesday it partnered with the General Services Agency (GSA) to award a multi-vendor, five-year blanket purchase agreement contract for the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program.

The contract is an overarching deal with an estimated ceiling of $6 billion over its five-year duration (one-year contract with four additional one-year options) and will provide real-time diagnostic and mitigation services to the federal executive branch civilian agencies, state and local entities and the defense industrial base sector. It is also open to tribal and territorial governments.

According to a DHS spokesperson, the following companies were awarded portions of the contract: Booz Allen Hamilton [BAH], CGI, CSC [CSC], DMI, DRC, General Dynamics Information Technology, HP [HP], IBM [IBM], KCG, Kratos, Lockheed Martin [LMT], ManTech [MANT], MicroTech, Northrop Grumman [NOC], SAIC [SAI], SRA and Technica.

This award is designed to support federal civilian networks and the extensive number of cyber security requirements for any federal custom and cloud application over the life of the contract. It will be funded through each participating department and agency, not solely by DHS.

The CDM program will help transform the way federal and other government entities manage their cyber networks through strategically sourced tools and services and will enhance the ability of government entities to strengthen the posture of their cyber networks. The CDM program brings an enterprise approach to continuous diagnostics and allows consistent application of best practices.

Government computer networks and systems contain information on national security, law enforcement and other sensitive data, including information about federal employees and others. Under the CDM program, participating departments and agencies will be able to enhance their cyber security assessments by implementing automated network sensor capacity and prioritizing risk alerts. Results will feed into agency-level dashboards that produce customized reports that alert information technology (IT) managers to the most critical cyber risks, enabling them to readily identify which network security issues to address first, thus enhancing overall security posture of agency networks.

The CDM program will strengthen cyber security across the “dot-gov” domain, improve cyber security posture and enhance other critical cyber security capabilities to thwart advanced, persistent cyber threats in a dynamic threat environment.