Cyber Command is looking for an industry partner to support its joint cyberspace capability development office with policy development and strategic coordination, officials announced January 25.

The new request for information  (RFI) is the first time Cyber Command is seeking industry help to assist its J9 office with implementing technology and strategy initiatives across the joint services and Intelligence Community.

“Early industry involvement is critical to the success of this contemplated acquisition while providing the USCYBERCOM operators with superior and cost-effective services,” officials wrote in the RFI.

Cyber Command is assessing industry’s propensity for delivering strategy and policy support, strategic coordination and legislation preparation for the J9.

The eventual contract would include providing expertise on policy and budgetary initiatives, as well as assisting J9 leadership with implementing Cyber Command operational initiatives across the services.

Industry partners would also be required to review and analyze Cyber Command decision memos from J9 directorate leadership.

This is a new Cyber Command contract, with J9 previously being leveraging support work through a host agency since 2017.

Cyber Command said the contract is likely to include a six-month initial period of performance followed by four one-year option period then a fifth 6-month option. Work is expected to take place at Fort Meade in Maryland.

Responses to the RFI are due by February 8.