The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is awarded a $10,188,553 cost-plus-incentive-fee, cost-plus-fixed-fee modification (P00017) to a previously awarded contract (N0003022C6002). This modification increases the level of effort and incrementally funds fiscal 2023 options to provide technical and engineering services necessary to maintain and sustain the Trident II Strategic Weapon System (SWS) MK 6 Guidance subsystem. The effort also includes a requirement for strategic guidance, navigation, and control subject matter expertise to research and develop current and maturing concepts and technologies that will enable follow-on, full-scale development of the 2nd Life Extension of the Trident II (D5) SWS. Work will be performed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is expected to be completed Nov. 30, 2024. Fiscal 2023 research and development test and evaluation (Navy) funds in the amount of $3,311,845; fiscal 2023 weapons procurement (Navy) funds in the amount of $3,030,956; and fiscal 2023 operations and maintenance (Navy) funds in the amount of $3,845,752, will be obligated at the time of modification. Funds in the amount of $3,845,752 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was awarded as a sole-source acquisition pursuant to 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1). Strategic Systems Programs, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity.