CBP Awards Sayari $8M for Supply Chain Support

Customs and Border Protection has awarded the commercial risk intelligence company Sayari a $7.8 million contract to support the agency’s efforts to reduce risks to the global supply chain and ensure U.S. companies comply with import regulations. The Washington, D.C.-based firm says with its help, “CBP teams tasked with proactively identifying illicit shipments and threats ranging from nuclear weapon proliferation and arms trafficking to forced labor violations in U.S. trade and commercial activity will have enterprise access to searchable global data through the company’s flagship product, Sayari Graph.” Sayari says its platform connects commercial networks and relationships sourced from global public data.

D-Fend Solutions Nabs $3M in U.S. Counter-Drone Awards

D-Fend Solutions says it received $3 million in contracts in the third quarter of 2022 for its EnforceAir counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) and products from multiple U.S. federal agencies in the third quarter of 2022. The Israel-based company didn’t disclose the customers but said they include “a range of sectors and applications in U.S. defense, homeland security and law enforcement.” Jeffrey Starr, D-Fend’s chief marketing officer, told HSR the recent U.S. sales demonstrate “continued growth and continued momentum” in the U.S. market, “and we expect that to continue.” EnforceAir can be used for detection and mitigation of drone threats working autonomously to use radio frequency techniques to take over rogue drones for a safe landing and outcome. Starr highlighted that EnforceAir is desirable for use in sensitive areas where the non-jamming C-UAS won’t disrupt other nearby communications or other systems used in everyday life or operations, and that it can distinguish friendly from non-friendly drones. He also said it has advantages on the battlefield because it won’t give away the location of users and prevents risks of collateral damage by taking over a threat drone and landing it safely.