Air Force Issues Pre-solicitation for Force Protection Site Security Systems

The Air Force has released its pre-solicitation for the Force Protection Site Security Systems (FPS3), which calls for acquisition, upgrade and sustainment of a family of Integrated Base Defense Security Systems (IBDSS). The planned contract, which has a small business set aside component, is for five years and multiple awardees. The IBDSS will include fixed-site intrusion detection systems, tactical security systems such as the Tactical Automated Security System, and delay/denial systems such as the Remote Target Engagement System. These systems provide electronic capabilities to support and enhance security and assist security forces in protecting assets and personnel at nuclear and non-nuclear fixed and tactical sites around the world with the goal being to “see first, understand first, and act first.” The final Request for Proposal is expected to be released around Dec. 5 with bids due around Jan. 17, 2014. Contracts are expected to be awarded late next summer or early fall. Sol. No. FA8730-14-R-0004. Contact: Elizabeth Baker, contracting officer, [email protected], 781-255-5514.

Army Issues Sources Sought Notice for Microgrid Security Project

The Army is conducting a market survey to determine if there are adequate small business concerns for phase 3 of the SPIDERS Joint Capability Technology Demonstration, which is a joint effort between the Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security to implement scalable, cyber-secure smart microgrid solutions to enhance continuity of operations at DoD bases in the face of electrical power disruptions. The Army Corps of Engineers plans to award one construction contract of installation and testing of Phase 3, which is the final phase of the project. Sol. No. W912BU-14-R-SPIDERSPH3. Respond by Dec. 13. Contact: Emily Giardino, [email protected], 215-656-3202,

EPA Seeks Support for Testing and Evaluating All-Hazards Technologies

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Research and Development, National Homeland Security Research Center, seeks a contractor to test, evaluate and report on all-hazards-related science and technology for addressing chemical, biological, or radiological and other contamination agents. Support shall also be provided for research efforts in the detection and decontamination of CBR agents that may be intentionally introduced into drinking water distribution systems, ambient air, buildings and other surfaces. Sol. No. SOL-CI-13-00038. Contact: Angela Lower, contracting officer, [email protected], 513-487-2036.

DDR&E Plans THUNDERSTORM Technology Demo

The Pentagon’s Director of Defense Research and Engineering (DDR&E) has issued a Request for Information seeking technology demonstration candidates for inclusion in future capability demonstration events conducted by the Thunderstorm Technology Demonstration Program. DDR&E wants to accelerate delivery of innovative capabilities to the warfighter by demonstrating the capability and technology in an operationally relevant environment. In FY ’14, the event focus areas for Thunderstorm will explore emerging technologies, technical applications, and their potential to detect, predict, interdict and deter or otherwise counter the threat of chemical and or biological weapons of mass destruction. Targeted technologies will include but are not limited to prediction techniques, automated screening algorithms, persistent ISR, standoff detection, remote sensing, cyber, cargo screening, biometrics, and Tagging, Tracking and Locating. The demonstrations are planned for next May and June. Sol. No. RRTO-ECD-20131126-RFI-Thunderstorm-(Spiral-14). Respond by Nov. 26. Contact: RRTO ECD Thunderstorm, [email protected].

FBI Plans Industry Day for Video Processing and Analytics

As part of an FBI study of video and digital image processing and video/digital image analytic capabilities to identify current capabilities, assess gaps, and develop a roadmap for the FBI’s future video analytics architecture, the agency plans to host an Industry Day on Dec. 11 in Washington, D.C. The FBI is seeking information from all interested parties in industry related to the demonstrated capabilities in the following disciplines: media ingestion and storage, automated identification and processing of media type and format, large scale ingest and management of video and still image data, metadata extraction and flagging, automated detection using pre-defined classifiers such as face, person, vehicle and activity, integration of recognition tools such as face recognition, pedestrian recognition, and license plate recognition, detection of human behavior characteristics, and more. Sol. No. 20131211. Contact: Dawn Morgan, contract specialist, [email protected].