Astrotech Corp. [ASTC] says its 1st Detect business has contracted with a global shipping and logistics company to sell its TRACER 10000 explosives trace detectors. Under the arrangement, the TRACER 1000 is on the company’s approved vendor list and is now available for corporate-wide purchases on pre-negotiated terms. 1st Detect has already received purchase orders from the undisclosed shipping company.

Digital Bazaar has received a $199,984 Phase 1 award from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to build out the company’s digital credentialing and blockchain application solution to build a viable credentialing product for large organizations with the long-term goal to bring the customized solution to market. Several DHS operational components often use paper-based credentialing, licensing and eligibility processes and S&T is exploring the application of blockchain and distributed ledger technology to issue credentials digitally to enhance security, ensure interoperability, and prevent forgery and counterfeiting. The award was made through the Silicon Valley Innovation Program.

…DHS S&T also awarded $181,392 to SICPA Product Security, LLC to develop a solution for credential users to manage and verify digital credentials that are the secure digital equivalent to secure physical credentials without reengineering their current processes and systems. “SIPCA’s work will allow physical and digital credentials to coexist while enabling broad interoperability based on emerging World Wide Web Consortium standards such as decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials,” says Anil John, technical director of the Silicon Valley Innovation Program. The contract is a Phase 1 award.