ValidaTek Citi Limited Liability Company has received a potential 15-month $4.2 million contract from the Coast Guard to provide an operations and maintenance team with cloud experience that can provide turnkey capabilities for Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Enterprise components. The support includes development resources and or operations and maintenance of those solutions, along with acquisition strategies to procure developers and guidance on how to implement O&M applications in the cloud.

Evolv Technology

recently honored its partner, Indonesia-based PT Hayam Wuruk Proteksindo, with a million Dollar Sales Award for the company’s success selling the Evolv Edge checkpoint threat detection system into the Asia Pacific region. Evolv Edge detects explosives and weapons hidden beneath a person’s clothing. Evolv says the system is used to protect government buildings and facilities.

CrowdVision Ltd. Has received a $160,902 award from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to develop an integrated proof-of-concept for an airport passenger counting and measuring system for Customs and Border Protection. Under the award, the London-based start-up will integrate three technologies to integrate three technologies deployed in various airports into a single system for CBP queues at airports. The technologies include CrowdVision’s computer vision and artificial intelligence used to measure staff and passenger activity and asset utilization, iViu Technologies platform for indoor positioning technologies that collects anonymous data through Wi-Fi sensors, and Copenhagen Optimization’s suite of forecasting and airport operations tools used to provide operations planning and research management.

The United Kingdom Home Office has released a new counter-drone strategy that directs the government to develop a new mobile counter-UAS unit capable of detecting and disrupting small UAS. The mobile unit can be deployed by police and other emergency responders for deployment to drone-related incidents and major events across the country, the Home Office says. It also says that “over the next 3 years, the government will work with partners to compile a catalogue of approved counter-drone technology to assure police and the owners and operators of critical national infrastructure sites that they are investing in the most effective and appropriate technology.”