Battelle and a small company that has developed a drone tracking software platform have agreed to partner on an end-to-end counter unmanned aircraft system (UAS) solution.

The non-exclusive memorandum of understanding between Battelle, which has developed a handheld remote-controlled system to defend against small UAS, and California-based Dedrone, is aimed creating a comprehensive drone defeat solution that can be used to provide airspace security for sensitive U.S. infrastructures.

Battelle's counter-UAS DroneDefender being operated by U.S. soldier. Photo: Battelle
Battelle’s counter-UAS DroneDefender being operated by U.S. soldier. Photo: Battelle

Battelle’s DroneDefender, an electronic point-and-shoot system to remotely disrupt potentially small UAS has racked up more than 200 units sold worldwide, including the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, the company said last Thursday. Dedrone, which was founded in Germany in 2016 and moved to San Francisco in 2016, makes DroneTracker, a software-based platform to detect, identify and track UAS in unprotected airspace.

“We are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with a proven detection capability and bring a more comprehensive solution to our customers while continuing to focus on our effective defeat products,” Dan Stamm, manager of counter-UAS programs at Battelle, said in a statement.

Joerg Lamprecht, co-founder and CEO of Dedrone, said in a statement that “The Department of Defense must prepare for a vast spectrum of airspace threats, including drones and other UAS. With their best in class defeat technology, Battelle is an ideal partner to our detection program, and together we look forward to developing proactive solutions that protect military and government airspace.”

Dedrone says that DroneTracker is deployed worldwide to protect military, government and commercial sites. The company recently opened an office in Northern Virginia to better focus its work with federal customers as well as provide a testing site for the technology and demonstration center for customers.