The Australian Department of Defense awarded Northrop Grumman [NOC] a contract for a multi-phased project to enhance the Defence Network Operation Centre capability.

Known as JP2068 Phase 2B.2, the contract is meant to enable the Australian Defence Department to more efficiently manage, monitor, and secure its major communications networks and information systems.

“This contract marks the formalization of a partnership between Defense and Northrop Grumman Australia as a trusted cyber systems integrator with the ability to deliver enhanced cyber security to Defence,” Ian Irving, chief executive at Northrop Grumman Australia, said in a statement.

The company will be working on JP2068 Phase 2B.2 under an Australian subsidiary, Northrop Grumman M5 Network Security. The subsidiary was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Canberra. It provides cyber security services to military, government, and large corporations, Northrop Grumman said.