The Army will hold a display event Aug. 22-Sept. 9 for the Modernized Expanded Capacity Vehicle (MECV) and Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGPK).

Two vehicles will be on display, one seed and one recap: an M1151A1 pre-Rev B with Frag 5 kit and a depot recapped M1151A1W/B1 Rev B and a standard Gunner Protection Kit. An OGPK will be on display but not installed in a vehicle.

The display will be held at the Field Logistics Readiness Center-Lexington, in Winchester, Ky. Industry will be given one eight-hour time block with the displays. Industry personnel would be able to see, photograph, video, measure and analyze the potentially representative vehicles and OGPK. The representatives, said the government, will be supervised the entire time.

The intent of the display is to make available to industry a potentially representative Humvee “seed asset” that could be used in the MECV program for recapitalization. The depot recap vehicle displayed as the potential system that the government would provide to support MECV prototype development and testing.

The government wants development and integration of proven material solutions to improve Humvee Expanded Capability Vehicles (ECV) to improve survivability, mobility and operational capability.

The primary mission of Humvee ECV is to provide protected mobility to ground forces so they can operate in a threat environment that includes potential ambushes, mines, IEDs and small arms fire. The upgraded vehicle will be the Humvee MECV.

The Humvee ECV is what the government wants to use as the starting point for redesign and integration of the recapitalization to Humvee MECV, which would reduce development time and improve the system without adding extensive new training and added maintenance support, the service said.

The Product Manager, Light Tactical Vehicles (PM LTV) is conducting the vehicle and OGBK display.
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