General Dynamics’ [GD] C4 Systems yesterday said it received a $111 million Army order to procure the net lot of WIN-T Inc 2 network nodes for more brigade combat teams (BCT) and division headquarters.

The Defense Department authorized the Army to proceed with the follow-on WIN-T Inc 2 order.

2nd Left WIN-T Node
Photo: General Dynamics

WIN-T is the Army’s mobile battlefield network at the company level and above. It provides mission-critical voice, video and data to soldiers, on-the-move in their vehicles. It is a central component of current and future capability sets that the Army deems a top priority.

Continued fielding of the WIN-T Inc 2 network builds on the system’s success achieved over the summer when WIN-T Inc 2 was deployed in its first combat patrol in Afghanistan, using its on-the-move capability between several network nodes.

The first brigade-level deployment of the WIN-T Inc 2 system is currently supporting soldiers with the 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division (4/10) in Afghanistan (Defense Daily, Sept. 17). Their mission to support Afghan security forces involves communications across dispersed forces in some of the most rugged, remote locations in Afghanistan.

Responding  to the system’s first combat deployment over the summer, Maj. Gary Pickens, communications officer for the 4/10, said in a previously published Army article, “The enhanced situational awareness given to us by this suite of technology has allowed us to maintain a ‘digital guardian angel’ as we conduct our advising duties and missions…The various platforms of [Capability Set 13] give us a digital reach like we’ve never had before.”

Chris Marzilli, president of General Dynamics C4 Systems, said: “WIN-T Inc 2 is the backbone of the Soldier’s Network and this order ensures we continue the work of fielding this unprecedented system to soldiers throughout the Army, Reserves and National Guard. Without WIN-T Inc 2, soldiers simply do not have the communications capabilities this technology provides.”

WIN-T Increment 1 is now fully fielded to 210 active duty, reserve and National Guard units. WIN-T Inc 2 moves with commanders and provides situational awareness and the ability to command from anywhere on the battlefield.