The government has released its executive summary of its plans for an Up Armored High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Competitive Recapitalization and Modernization program.

Cost is a major driver, and the summary is clear: “Proposals requesting funding in excess of $4,500,000 for Phase 1 of the work will be considered unaffordable.”  

The planned schedule is for the draft request for proposals (RFP) to be issued Oct. 6, followed the next day by an Industry Day and a Synopsis Oct. 26. The Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Phase RFP would be released Nov. 10, and proposals would be due Jan. 13. Firm, fixed-price contracts are expected.

At this week’s Modern Day Marine Ceradyne Inc. (CRDN) Vehicle Armor Systems and partner Gravikor revealed their entry for the competition. Textron [TXT] Marine and Land Systems and Granite Tactical Vehicles have teamed for the competition. Humvee creator AM General and teams led by Oshkosh [OSK] and BAE Systems are also expected to compete. 

The program focus is to improve the ability of the crew to survive through application of scalable armor, while improving vehicle mobility, performance and transportability. The modern capabilities will be integrated into the Expanded Capacity Vehicle (ECV) chassis, resulting in a Modernized ECV, or MECV. The goal is to provide protected mobility to ground forces with the capability of operating in a threat environment that involves the possibility of ambush, the use of mines, explosives, and small arms fire.

The best value acquisition process will be conducted in two phases.

In Phase 1, the government will award as many as three RDTE contracts, using the model M1151.

Under Phase II, the government intends to limit competition for the production phase to the RDTE contractors with the goal of awarding a production contract to a single producer.

The estimated production quantity is 5,750 vehicles, at a rate of three-four vehicles per day.

The government wants mature, rugged non-developmental items for MECV production.

For further information, questions or concerns,

The contract specialist is Patricia Pierce 586-282-0716.