A series of Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) wargames focusing on counter-piracy efforts near the Horn of Africa 11 years into the future completed last week, according to an AFSPC statement.

The results of Schriever Wargame 2012 International Game (SW12 IG) are classified, but an unclassified final report will be available in approximately six months, it said.

The SW12 IG scenario included North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) nations Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Australia.

The SW12 IG centered on: Examining options of how to optimize space efforts from participating NATO allies and Australia in support of a notional NATO expeditionary operation; identifying ways to increase the resilience of space capabilities in a contested environment through expanded international and private sector cooperation and determining operational challenges associated with defense of space capabilities employed in support of the operation, according to the statement.

The wargame also focused on examining the operational integration of cyber into defense of the space domain and expanding understanding of the operational benefits of broader international participation in combined space operations, according to a statement.

“The Schriever Wargame gives the U.S. Air Force and space-mission partners a better idea of how to protect space assets from adversaries and how to better integrate space systems throughout our national and international space community,” Brig. Gen. Samuel Greaves, director of plans, programs and analyses at AFSPC, said in that statement.