Saab Competing For Brazilian Corvette Program

Sweden’s Saab and the Netherland’s Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding said on Monday they are working together to jointly compete for four Brazilian Navy Tamandaré-class corvettes (CCTs).

If the Brazilian Navy chooses the team, Saab would provide the complete combat system, including the company’s 9LV Combat Management System (CMS). Saab said 9LV is an open architecture CMS that can integrate third-party modules and high performance mission equipment.

However, Damen would supply the Sigma 10514 frigate as an off-the-shelf product to be adapted for the client. The Sigma 10514 is 105 meters long, can travel up to 28 knots, has a crew of 120, and is used for naval patrol, deterrence, search and rescue, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, anti-air warfare, and electronic warfare (EW).

The Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Sigma 10514 Frigate. (Photo: Damen).

The Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Sigma 10514 Frigate. (Photo: Damen).

According to a Damen factsheet, the ship features a 76mm medium caliber gun, close-in-weapons system (CIWS), two small caliber guns, two surface-to-surface missile (SSM) launchers, a 12 cell vertical launch (VL) short range air defenses (SHORADs), two torpedo launchers, and two decoy/chaff systems, and electronic countermeasures (ECM).

This bid falls under a Brazilian technology transfer program to help the Brazilian defense industry, beyond partnering with local companies. Saab said it and Damen are ready to prove to the Brazilian government they are reliable as long-term partners.

“We also are confident that our product will integrate perfectly with those of Saab,” Keulen added.

Saab and Damen made the announcement ahead of participation at the Rio International Defense Exhibition (RIDEX) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from June 27-29. Saab said additional information about their bid will be disclosed during the exhibition.

Brazil first launched its competition for four purpose-built Tamandaré-class corvettes last December.

When the request for proposals (RFP) was released, the Brazilian government said it expected to select a supplier by September 2018. It expects to get the first unit delivered in the 2021-2022 timeframe. The ships are expected to be built in Brazil, but the Navy will accept international ship designs.

Other major competitor teams include BAE Systems and CONSUB Defesa Tecnologia; Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Brazil’s Embraer, and Ares Aerospacial e Defesa S.A.; Italy’s Fincantieri, Leonardo, and Brazil’s Ezute; France’s Naval Group, Enseada Industria Naval S.A., and Mectron S.A..; India’s GOA Shipyard Limited; India’s Garden Research Shipbuilding and Engineers (GRSE); Ukraine’s Ukinmash shipbuilder with France’s Thales; and Ukraine’s shipbuilder STM working with Thales and BRASFELS.

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