Rheinmetall Wins Canada Frigate Countermeasure Expansion

The Canadian Navy awarded Rheinmetall a $14 million order to expand the multi ammunition softkill system (MASS) on its cruisers, the company said Wednesday.

The Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates currently feature the twin-launcher automated MASS decoy system to protect it from anti-ship missiles. The Canadian order will upgrade its frigate MASSs to be a triple launcher system.

A Rheinmetall Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) countermeasure firing. (Photo: Rheinmetall).

A Rheinmetall Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) countermeasure firing. (Photo: Rheinmetall).

Rheinmetall noted MASS can be installed on surface combatants of all types and either integrated into command and weapon engagement systems or operated as a standalone system. Thirteen navies currently deploy 244 total MASS launchers to protect against radar-guided anti-ship missiles, infrared threats, and rocket-propelled grenades.

The MASS uses on-board sensor information to automatically calculate the best solution to defeat a missile and then fire decoys for optimal position without needing the ship to maneuver first.

Under this order the individual parts and subassemblies for MASS will be shipped to Rheinmetall’s Canada business unit, where they will be assembled and commissioned before being installed on the ships.

The upgrade project will run from 2018-2022 and utilizing Rheinmetall’s Fornau facility in Bavaria, Germant and its Canadian unit in Quebec. Rheinmetall said $7 million will go to each piece of the company.

Canada first ordered MASS for its 12 Halifax-class frigates in 2009.

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