New Defense Information Sharing Center Announces Official Formation

The new National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NDISAC) is aiming to address cyber threat analysis and data sharing challenges among the defense industry following its official formation Wednesday.

After merging with the Defense Industrial Base Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (DIB-ISAO) in September, and taking on that organization’s cyber threat center, NDISAC is looking to become the defense industry’s premier facilitator for information sharing.iStock Cyber Lock

NDISAC plans to expand the scope of DIB-ISAO’s Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE) cyber threat center for its members.

"I am excited about efforts that we are planning that will continue to maintain the best collaborative space for sharing about advanced cyber threats targeting the defense sector," said Carlos Kizzee, executive director of DSIE, in a statement. "I also want to secure for our industry the ability to grow talent that will help to protect all that is critical to the defense industry against all hazards. I am excited to be transitioning the DIB-ISAO scope and reach through our merger into the National Defense ISAC."

Following the official formation, NDISAC is seeking to develop increased information sharing mechanisms and offer cyber threat training opportunities for its defense industry membership base.

NDISAC members will have full access to the DSIE cyber threat center’s security and data tools.

"We are continuing to build on the success of DSIE's tailored collaboration capabilities by widening the aperture and establishing the National Defense ISAC. The National Defense ISAC will provide an environment for tiered sharing across the DIB spectrum of companies and organizations," said Mark Ackerman, a DSIE board member, in a statement. "This model will continue to leverage the trust concepts developed within DSIE while providing an avenue for continued sharing of security best practices, threats, etc., along with new service offerings."

DIB-ISAO’s members and board of directors approved the merger and subsequent dissolution on Sept. 28.

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