NATO Held Industry Cyber Workshop In August

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency held a cyber Threat Vector Analysis (TVA) workshop along with industry representatives in Valbonne, France on Aug. 23, the agency said Friday.

Hosted by Fortinet [FTNT], the workshop focused on Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The goal was to better understand the evolution of DDOS attacks to better improve defenses against them.


This was the third in a series of events held since February meant to strengthen NATO and industry cyber defenses through collaborative identification of threats, techniques, practices, and procedures to counter the threats.

The NCI Agency highlighted that the TVA workshops are a key activity of the NATIO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP), focused on developing a common taxonomy for threats and the use of standards in exchanging cyber threat information. The partnership effort acts to improve understanding and the efficiency of information sharing, ultimately hoping to achieve a better collective cyber defense, NATO said.

NATO leaders endorsed the NICP at the September 2014 Wales Summit.

“The TVA workshops illustrate what can be achieved when NATO and industry sit down together to tackle a common challenge. Through this forum, we have identified obstacles to closer collaboration on countering cyber threats and have taken steps to overcome them,” Ian West, NCI Agency Chief of Cyber Security and co-chair of the August workshop, said in a statement.

“Each workshop builds upon the one before, improving the cyber defenses of NATO and industry alike. Working together, we have already made advances in our understanding of these modern threats and how to defend against them,” he added.

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