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Army Plans Industry Day for Enhanced Maritime Biological Detection Program

The Army Joint Project Manager for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical will host an unclassified Industry Day on Sept. 20 in Aberdeen, Md., for the Enhanced Maritime Biological Detection (EMBD) Program. The objective of the program is to finalize development, and complete testing, integration and production of an automated biological point detection system that will detect, collect and identify biological warfare agents while reducing overall operations and sustainment lifecycle costs. Contact: Lenore Yvette Paseda, contract specialist,, 410-436-4399.

DHS Health Office to Host BioWatch Technology Enhancement Industry Day

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Health Affairs will host an Industry Day on Sept. 18 in Washington, D.C., to provide additional information on the Biowatch Technology Enhancement. The office previously hosted an Industry Day on the program last November. The enhanced capabilities would improve the overall BioWatch system’s ability to monitor, collect, identify, characterize and survey biothreat agents of public health concern in designated jurisdictions in the U.S. The DHS Science and Technology branch plans to host a technology demonstration in support of the program this fall. Contact: Dorothy Woolfolk, contract specialist,

Army Seeks Radar to Identify Chem/Bio Threats aboard Weapons and Platforms

The Army Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate is seeking information on radar systems to detect and identify aircraft, rocket, artillery, mortar or unmanned aircraft system threats designed for dispersing biological or chemical weapons. The directorate seeks information on the radar systems, detection algorithms, and related data. Sol. No. W56KGU-17-X-A123. Respond by Sept. 13. Contact: Amy Pancio, contract specialist,, 443-861-4679.

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