Enabling Predictive Maintenance for the DOD

Unlocking Onboard Data to Enhance Operational Readiness

Even as the DoD spends nearly $90BN a year on weapon system maintenance, the availability of these systems is not where it needs to be. A 2022 GAO report examined 49 aircraft and found that only four met their annual mission-capable goal in most of the years from 2011 through 2021, and 26 of those aircraft did not meet their annual mission-capable goal in any fiscal year. And a recent survey found that 95% of DoD respondents were prepared to implement the GAO’s recommendations.

Existing weapon systems lack the ability to dynamically report faults in real time, leading to high rates of “no fault found” maintenance events, incomplete or delayed root cause analysis, and consistently substandard mission capable rates. The Shift5 Predictive Maintenance Module helps address these challenges by unlocking weapon system onboard data on the edge and in real time.

This paper will help you understand:

  • the challenges of implementing predictive maintenance
  • the terms associated with predictive maintenance
  • the solutions to realize the full potential of predictive maintenance to lower costs and increase mission capability for all fleet assets within the Department of Defense