The Bell 429 helicopter fleet of the Turkish National Police and General Directorate of Forestry have reached a 95 percent operational Availability Rate, Bell Helicopter Textron [TXT] said Aug. 29.

There are 26 Bell 429 rotorcraft currently in Turkey being used in parapublic, EMS, fore prevention, and corporate missions. The helicopter includes an integrated glass cockpit, an advanced drive system, best-in-class wide area augmentation system (WAAS) navigation and instrument flight rules (IFR) capability. It has the capacity to seat seven passengers and one flight crew.

Bell also highlighted it has gained over 50 percent of the helicopter market in Turkey for the previous five years.

“I am proud that the Turkish National Police have achieved such excellence. They are superior aviators, and the Bell 429 is a fantastic helicopter, “Clay Bridges, Bell Helicopter Regional Manager of Turkey, said in a statement.