Rohde & Schwarz AIT System Deployed at Denver Airport for Evaluation

The Transportation Security Administration has deployed the Rohde & Schwarz QPS 201 Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) people screener at Denver International Airport to evaluate the technology. The 90-day evaluation began in mid-December after TSA certified the system meets its detection requirements. Last year TSA evaluated the R&S QPS 200 at Los Angeles International Airport. TSA currently uses the ProVision AIT system made by L3 Technologies [LLL] to at U.S. airports to screen passengers for anomalies that may be hidden beneath their clothing. Germany-based R&S has deployed its AIT systems, the QPS 200 and 201 to 34 airports globally. The 201 features is new design and features faster processing speed and a smaller form factor than the 200. An individual about to be screened by the 201 walks into the system, which is two panels on either side, and holds his arms down and out slightly the side for the millimeter wave scan, which happens in 64 milliseconds, Frank Dunn, vice president for C4ISR for R&S USA, Inc., tells HSR. From the time the operator hits go until a result is provided, is 2.5 seconds, he says. The ProVision system requires individuals to raise their arms above their heads. The QPS 201 system also features a no-buffer zone for maintenance as either panel can be slid on its tracks towards the center to create work room.

Astrotech ETD Passes European Test

Astrotech Corp. [ASTC] says its 1st Detect subsidiary’s TRACER 1000 explosives trace detector has passed the European Civil Aviation Conference testing program for airport checkpoint screening of passengers. The company says the TRACER 1000 is the first mass spectrometry-based ETD to pass ECAC’s laboratory testing protocol and it expects it will receive formal certification at the Common Evaluation Process Management Group’s next meeting. “Passing ECAC’s CEP test for airport checkpoint screening is an important validation of our technology,” says Raj Mellacheruvu, chief operating officer of 1st Detect and Astrotech.

Evolv Technology’s Evolv Edge Receives SAFETY Act Designation

Evolv Technology says its Evolv Edge body scanning system has received SAFETY Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology from the Department of Homeland Security. The designation means the technology has certain liability protections when it is used where a terrorist act occurs. The system has been deployed globally for more than a year.