The State Department has approved a possible $1.3 billion Abrams tank enhancement deal with Morocco and the sale of $655 million in rocket systems to Poland, officials announced Thursday.

Morocco has requested upgrades for 162 Abrams tanks through the Excess Defense Article program, which include M1A1 Situational Awareness, M1A2M and M1A1 Marine Corps variants.

M1A1 Abrams
M1A1 Abrams

The deal also includes 162 M2 mounted machine guns, 324 M240 machine guns, 1,035 M865 training SABOT rounds, 1,610 M831Al HEAT rounds, 162 SINCGARS radios and 162 M250 smoke grenade launchers.

General Dynamics [GD] Land Systems is the prime contractor for the deal. Anniston Army Depot and Joint Systems Manufacturing Center will perform the refurbishment work.

The department also approved a deal with Poland for 20 of Lockheed Martin’s [LMT] High Mobility Artillery Rocket System M142 launchers.

Poland has also requested 36  Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System M31 Unitary, nine GMLRS M30A1 alternative warheads, 30 Army Tactical Missile System M57 Unitary missiles, 24 Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems, 20 Multiple Launcher Pod Assembly M68A2 Trainers, 24 M1151A1 Humvees.