MBDA and NIMR Automotive LLC entered a commercial partnership to propose the HAFEET Air Defense Vehicle (ADV), a high efficiency V-SHORAD air defense system, for a requirement for the Emirates Defence Forces, MBDA said Tuesday.

The proposed HAFEET ADV has the MBDA Multi-Purpose Combat System (MPCS), which includes a turret, sensors, identification friend or foe system (IFF), Mistral missiles, command & firing posts, and shelter equipment. This system would be installed on NIMR’s HAFEET 640A all-terrain light armored vehicle platform.

HAFEET ADV model. Image: MBDA.
HAFEET ADV model. Image: MBDA.

“The combination of the MPCS equipped with MBDA’s latest generation Mistral missiles and  the NIMR vehicle would provide an unmatched mobile air defense capability,” MBDA said.

The companies have completed preliminary engineering studies and are at the stage of integrating the full system if ordered. Most HAFEET ADV components already exist and are modular, MBDA said.

“The HAFEET ADV concept is based on NIMR 6×6 tactical platform, which combines high levels of mobility and protection to provide a multi-role platform for a broad spectrum of mission requirements,” Fahad Saif Harhara,  CEO of NIMR, said in a statement.

The MPCS turret is in service in several countries. It comprises a gyro-stabilized day/thermal sensor suite with integrated laser rangefinder. The MPCS system allows for a low crew workload and short reaction time, MBDA said.

MBDA highlighted that four ready-to-fire, fire and forget, infrared (IR) Mistral missiles allow the interception of a spectrum of threats including high maneuvering fighters, combat helicopters, UAV, UCAV, and cruise missiles at ranges over 6 km and altitudes upward of 5,000 meters.

A unit of six HAFEET ADVs can engage up to 24 different targets in under 20 seconds with a reload capacity of 48 Mistral missiles, including eight additional missiles inside the HAFEET ADV shelter, the company said.

The HAFEET ADV would also have the option of being operated in autonomous mode or coordinated mode with MBDA’s Mistral Coordination Post (MCP) equipped with 3D radar.

The HAFEET ADV would be operated by a two- or three-man crew including a team leader. It is air transportable, according to the company.

NIMR is a subsidiary of Emirates Defence Industry Company (EDIC), a national defense services and manufacturing platform based in the UAE.

MBDA is jointly held by Airbus (37.5 percent), BAE Systems (37.5 percent), and Finmeccanica (25 percent).