Insitu has sealed deals to provide its ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicle for use by the Japanese and Singaporean governments, the Boeing [BA] subsidiary said recently.

Both deals were arranged through Insitu’s Australia-based unit, Insitu Pacific. The financial terms were not disclosed.

Insitu reached the agreement to provide ScanEagle systems to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for evaluation by the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, which will operate the UAVs for disaster recovery and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, Insitu said.

“Insitu Pacific is very pleased to partner with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the provision of the ScanEagle UAS for evaluation by Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force,” said Andrew Duggan, Insitu Pacific’s managing director.

Insitu for years has provided ScanEagle to the U.S. military for ISR missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and other applications under a services contract.

The Singaporean Navy plans to deploy ScanEagle systems on its fleet of corvette ships, Insitu Pacific said, without saying how may Scan Eagles were to be acquired.

The Republic of Singapore Navy’s “sea testing and other trials have demonstrated that the ScanEagle UAS improves situational awareness at sea,” Insitu said. “ScanEagle is uniquely suited to maritime operations and offers the substantial advantage of being used in conjunction with rotary wing assets.”

Insitu said it will also provide training, logistics and ship installation, as well as in-country maintenance support.