Information technology companies Fidelis Cybersecurity and PacStar have launched a joint tactical cyber solution platform aimed at improving Department of Defense network threat response capabilities.

The two companies will demonstrate the new PacStar Tactical Fidelis Cybersecurity System for the first time the week of Feb. 4 at the AFCEA West conference in San Diego. The platform is designed to rapidly secure tactical networks and address challenges with a lack of deployable trained cyber specialists.

“We’re excited to offer the combination of Fidelis and PacStar technologies to provide automated detection and response to cyber threats to tactical and deployable systems. This will immediately address security gaps in the network, while improving operational efficiencies where resources are limited,” Fidelis Vice President Tim Roddy said in a statement.

The new solution combines Elevate, Fidelis’ compact cyber defense operations platform, and the PacStar’s IQ-Core software management system.

The joint effort came together in the last six months, according to PacStar CEO Peggy Miller. 

“Fidelis cyber security software is already popular and widely deployed in the DoD at the enterprise level.  In putting together this partnership, we have shown the system to a few potential DoD customers and so far the interest has been high.  With the product launch next week, we expect interest to grow as more groups understand the benefits of this solution.  Making tactical systems cyber-secure is an important priority for the DoD,” Miller told sister publication Defense Daily. 

Fidelis’ Elevate includes pre-positioned cyber sensors to automate network threat responses, while the PacStar’s IQ-core will incorporate a graphical user interface for improved configuration and troubleshooting efforts.

Both companies view the PacStar Tactical Fidelis Cybersecurity System as possible additions to vehicle mount or forward operating base deployments.

The platform is designed to provide remote cyber defense support of real-time threats and automated responses to simplify security responsibilities. Fidelis and PacStar also cite the system’s small size, weight and power as key features for improved deployment.

”We’re delighted to partner with Fidelis to create this integrated deployable solution – enabling us to deliver their capabilities in an industry-leading rugged platform that meets the demanding size, weight and power requirements of today’s mobile warfighter,” Miller said in a statement. “We’re also pleased to have leveraged the network management strengths of PacStar IQ-Core Software, proven in US Army WIN-T deployments, to address the acute lack of trained cyber specialists in our armed services.”