In September the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) initialized the first Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) at Joint Base San Antonio with its Army and Air Force partners. The JRSS is a set of equipment meant to upgrade a secure, consolidated, and collaborative Joint Information Environment (JIE) across the Department of Defense.

David Stickley, Vice Director of PEO-Mission Assurance, said in a statement, “It allows DISA, Army, and Air Force to monitor compliance and apply consistent security policy to information traveling over DoD networks.”

DISA Headquarters at Ft. Meade. Photo:
DISA Headquarters at Ft. Meade. Photo:

The JRSS tools perform firewall functions, intrusion detection and prevention, enterprise management, virtual routing and forwarding, and provides network security capabilities.

Joint Base San Antonio is the first of 25 Defense Department NIPRnets data sites to host JRSS.  Installation was already completed at 10 JRSS sites within the continental United States while the 11th will be completed early in Fiscal Year 2015. JRSS installation in Europe is already complete while three more sites are set to be finished in the third quarter of FY15 in Southwest Asia.

DISA is coordinating with the other military services and Defense Department sections to identify further expansion of JRSS. “We must build on the momentum of this effort and work to bring the rest of the department to JRSS,” Stickley said.