Bell‘s [TXT] Autonomous Pod Transport vehicle was selected to participate in the Marine Corps’ Tactical Resupply UAS fly-off challenge, scheduled to take place during the week of Jan. 27, 2020 in Yuma, Arizona, the company said in a press release. Additionally, Bell also released video of its APT-70 aerial cargo transport vehicle carrying a 60-pound payload.

The APT-70 is an autonomous, fully-electric, tail-sitting VTOL designed to carry a payload of 70 pounds up to 35 miles, exceeding speeds of 100 mph via four tilting rotors. Engineered in partnership with Yamato, a Japanese logistics company, the APT’s payload is placed in a pod centered between the four rotors.

“We’re continuously evaluating how we can provide our military customers with the aircraft they need to execute their missions, and we believe APT is the answer,” said Todd Worden, manager of advanced UAS sales and strategy at Bell. “This family of vehicles offers unique goods transportation capabilities, and we are excited to showcase the vehicle’s progress in upcoming demonstrations and for the Marine Corps Unmanned Logistics System-Air mission.”

For the challenge, participating companies were asked to submit a video of their air vehicle carrying a payload of at least 45 pounds. First, second and third-place participants will be awarded $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000, respectively, and a production agreement may be awarded without additional competition.

Below: footage of APT-70 carrying a 60-pound payload, provided by Bell.