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  • Air Force Will Need More Tankers Than 179 KC-46 Buy, Mobility Command Chief Says

    The Air Force needs more new aerial refueling tankers than the 179 Boeing [BA] KC-46s it plans to buy and is considering incremental upgrades and a follow-on KC-Z aircraft to fill its quota, according to Air Mobility Command Chief Gen. Carlton Everhart. “When I look at the order of 179 aircraft, I often ask myself, […]
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  • Grounded F-35As Could Be Out Months

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.--The 13 F-35As grounded late Friday could be out months as the Air Force and prime contractor Lockheed Martin [LMT] work toward finding a solution, according to a key Air Force officer. Air Combat Command chief Gen. Herbert "Hawk" Carlisle told reporters Tuesday the peeling and crumbling insulation in avionics cooling lines inside […]
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  • Air Force Considering Further B-21 Declassification

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.--The Air Force is considering declassifying further parts of the B-21 Raider program, but a key service official warned that the program would not be entirely declassified. Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) Director and Program Executive Officer (PEO) Randall Walden said Monday the service is working with the intelligence community (IC) to […]
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  • Air Force Names New Bomber, Pushes For Faster Arms Sales

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – The U.S. Air Force revealed Sept. 19 that the service’s new B-21 bomber will be named the “Raider” in honor of Jimmy Doolittle’s Raiders. The Air Force picked “Raider” after holding a service-wide contest and reviewing more than 2,100 unique name submissions. Months after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Doolittle's Raiders […]
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  • Virgin Galactic receives license for new rocket ship

    After a tough setback in 2014, Virgin Galactic hopes to get one step closer to offering commercial flights into space.

    The company, owned by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Aabar Investments PSJ, secured operator licenses today from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation for its newest space ship, the VSS Unity, and for the companion rocket, WhiteKnightTwo.

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