State Department Approves Deals With Netherlands For F-16 Support, Munitions Kits

The State Department has approved a $110 million deal with the Netherlands for continued F-16 training and weapons support, and a $70 million delivery of precision guided munitions kits.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of the foreign military sales (FMS) on Tuesday.

An F-16V. (Lockheed Martin photo)

An F-16V. (Lockheed Martin photo)

Under the F-16 training deal, the Netherlands will continue its partnership with the Tucson Air National Guard for instruction, flight operations and maintenance support.

“This potential sale will continue to improve the Royal Netherlands Air Force's (RNLAF) ability to develop mission-ready and experienced pilots to support its F-16 aircraft inventory.  The well-established pilot proficiency training program at Tucson Air National Guard Base will train pilots in F-16 operations, tactics, techniques, and procedures,” the DSCA said in a statement. “This training will enhance the RNLAF's ability to continue contributions to Overseas Contingency Operations and to NATO air policing operations, as well as, to possible future coalitions operations.”

The Netherlands government has also requested 27 GBU-12 Inert Paveway II bombs, PGU-27 Inert training rounds, Impulse Cartridges, MJU-7/B Flares, RR-188 Chaff, BDU-33/B and BDU-50/B training munitions.

In a separate FMS, the Netherlands will receive 3,500 M1156 precision guided munitions kits.

Also included in the deal are six PGK settable trainers, two PGK cut away models, 100 M76 PGK fuze wrenches and ten Extended Length Artillery Projectile Extractors.

“It is important to the U.S. national interests to assist the Netherlands to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability.  The Netherlands has been a consistent coalition partner supporting the United States in various coalition combat operations to include counter-ISIS, Stabilization Force in Iraq, and Afghanistan,” the DSCA said. “The proposed sale of PGK will provide a precision guided capability to 155mm artillery projectiles and improve Netherlands' capability to meet current and future enemy threats.”

The principal contractor for the M1156 deal is Orbital ATK [OA].

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